Thursday, April 22, 2010

getting set up

Even though I have enough floss to stitch a million squares, I always like to start each project with a fresh batch (probably why I have enough floss to stitch a million squares!) It's relatively cheap (especially when you hit a sale) and the colors are so yummy. I let Alfredo help me pick so some of the colors are new to my palette. And, for the record, he's just like a little me. He said "pick this's yummy!" So I encourage you to indulge in a new palette like a kid in a candy shop and show little restraint.

I indulged a little with the fabric too....

Instead of my usual Osnaburg (a very inexpensive unbleached linen utility fabric), I decided to stitch this grid sampler on this beautiful pure linen in a soft bubblegummy pink. This is going to be a big sampler that I'll invest a lot of time into...I just wanted to stitch on something special this time.

Also, since it is such a big sampler (100 squares) I'm going to draw the grid and stitch it first. Sometimes the grid disappears or gets a little wonky when I stretch the fabric onto the hoop. If I start out with the grid already stitched it'll help me keep it all square. I'm going to stitch the grid in a pink close to the color of the fabric.

Here's how I draw the grid...I use a straight edge ruler that's roughly 1" wide. I lay the ruler on the fabric even with the weave of the fabric and draw a line the width of the sampler (in my case, about 10"). With the ruler still in the same place, I also draw a line along the bottom of the ruler. I use that line to line up the next line, and so on and so on, until I have all of the horizontal lines of my grid. I repeat the same for the vertical lines, being extra sure that the first line is along the grain, as perfectly perpendicular to the horizontal line as possible.

I'll draw my grid today and start stitching it in.


  1. Alfredo is right... the colors are yummy. I have a couple of questions- Is the fabric available at Michaels or Hobby Lobby or would a fabric store be better? What do you use to draw on your fabric, a washable sewing marker?

  2. I was thinking of using a different color other than white but I am having trouble finding a large supply of embrodery items. May I ask where you get yours? Is there an online store? I have a Michaels near me but they do not offer much other than embroidery thread. i would appreciate any suggestions.

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  4. Amy, Do you wash your linen before you use it for the sampler?

  5. Gorgeous thread colors, they look like candy!

  6. Afredo is right, those colors ARE yummy!
    Please add me to the list of participants. Thanks so much for hosting this project. I really, really love the concept of this project... you're so inspiring, Amy!

  7. Hello Amy, I really enjoyed watching your last project unfold. I would dearly love to join along with this one, such a wonderful idea. Please add me to the list. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Bertie x

  8. Hi Amy - I'm taking the plunge! I've already started my grid and would love to be added to the list :)

  9. Hi Amy! I have set up my blog specifically for this project and journey! Here it is...

    Thank you for hosting this wonderful stitch-along! ~tina

  10. hi there! I would love to join in on this, however I don't use the built in e-mail system for my mac so the link to contact you didn't work :( Anyways, count me in please!


    Thanks so much-

  11. How there an official start or do we just go at it? I sent you an email as I started a new blog for this, to learn as a complete novice! This is great motivation to get into a new project...thanks and very excited to get started!

  12. I am ahaving trouble today emailing from web pages so I will give you my Blessings link here:

    Thank you for the great idea to count my blessings . . all 59 years of them.