Thursday, April 29, 2010

100 is a lot!

Wondering where I've been?

Well, 100 is a lot of squares! I found that out when I stitched this grid. It's taken me a full week!

I used a pencil to draw the grid on the fabric but I noticed two things...there were areas where I made the pencil mark too thick (so it still showed after I stitched the border) and in some places the floss picked up the pencil and it looked dingy. So today after I finished stitching the last of the grid, I soaked the cloth in a little cold water with some baby shampoo. Then I took a bar of ivory soap and rubbed it over the areas where I could see pencil. I gave it a good rinse and then rolled it in a big fluffy towel. After it was mostly dry but still a little damp, I ran a hot iron over it to press out any wrinkles.

A few of you asked where I'd gotten the fabric from. We have an upscale fabric store here in suburban DC called G Street Fabrics and that's where I got it. I think if you do a search online for 100% pure linen you can find it...or maybe you have an upscale fabric store in your 'hood. Another thought is that you could buy the inexpensive Osnaburg fabric and dye it. It's linen and all natural so it should take regular rit dye well. The fabric has natural imperfections (like darker threads interwoven) and dyeing it would probably turn out really nice. Let me know if you give it a try.

Another question was how often I'll be stitching squares. I don't think I'll do just one a day. Instead I think I'll stitch when I have time and do a few at a time. My goal is to do at least 5 a week...

So now here I am, ready to stitch the first square...trying not to feel nervous. The first stitch is the hardest.


  1. I am just nervous about getting started . . to many ideas are flying around in my brain . . like a flock of birds in the sky . . they all fly one way and then one decides to change and the whole flock changes with it . . my ideas are the birds . . one change and the whole thing flies off in a different direction.

    Snowflake Blessings

  2. Hey Amy ... I never thought of cleaning them that way. My Silver Bella embroidery was a bit dingy and I tried to pick it up with an eraser thingy, which sort of worked.

    Anyway, I'm seeking free travel advice ... I'm heading to DC soonish -- are there any vintage/antique places you'd recommend? Close-ish to a Metro line?

  3. Hi Amy! LOVE that pretty pink fabric! Glad it washed out nicely for you... You're not kidding! It IS taking some time to stitch and outline ALL those squares first!.. But it's relaxing, and I am full of happy thoughts as I think about all my blessings! It's been nice meeting the others working on their projects! ~tina

  4. Thanks for the info on the fabric. I didn't even think about going to a fabric store. I only thought about "craft" stores. I am now on the hunt. The fabric dying is also a good idea. I will let you know if I dye it.
    This is so much fun. I am getting over the flu but I have been mapping out my squares in my head. Thanks for hosting this. Happy stitching.

  5. WOW! You stitched out the entire grid!

    I have my fabric picked out, but have yet to grid a thing. I'm thinking I'll measure and start in the top left corner and just outline a few at a time as I go. I'm nervous about getting started though; I have not done embroidery for a VERY long time!

    I'm considering doing 2" squares instead of 1" to give myself more room for putting in details. The fabric I have is plenty large enough to do that. The square size decision is making me NUTS!

  6. You are right, stitching all the squares first is taking longer than I thought it would. It also takes more floss than I thought...already ran out!
    Your pink is beautiful.

  7. Oh wow, lots of setup! I'm a bit behind, haven't gotten fabric yet...eek! The pink looks really tempting though, so cute!
    linda from

  8. I was only able to stitch the outside border of the overall project. 100 squares is a lot, so I think I will stitch the inside ones as I go. Plus, I couldn't decide if I wanted them ALL 1x1 or not. But, I'm ready to start:) I think I'll start directly in the middle;)

  9. It looks like you're stitching on rug hooking linen which I use for my hooked rugs. You can buy MCP linen burlap at JoAnn's with a coupon, which make it much more affordable!