Wednesday, May 5, 2010

our marriage

Monday was our wedding anniversary...13 years.

I am so thankful that we have such a strong marriage. I know I can share everything with Rich. He is my safe place.

I'm especially thankful for a change in my heart that I had early in our marriage. I remember exactly the moment. I had been arguing with Rich about some little thing. It was something you might argue with a child about...I corrected his behavior in the same way that I would a child. And then I had a little revelation..."I'm not his mother. I'm not in charge of him. He is his own person. And we don't have to argue like this." It seems so silly now but it was really a turning point.

Dear Lord, Thank you for blessing us with a strong union. Help us to trust each other and to be kind and gentle with one another. Guide us to live the truth. In your name, I pray.


  1. Dear Amy,
    its beautiful and thoughtful too.i am single and trust my saviour to give me the right one at the right time.God bless you and Rich and continue to be with you as family.
    its been really sweet of you to add me into the group.i have seen that now ,after i have already sent you an email just before posting this comment .

  2. Very cute...I've been wracking my brain trying to think of cool symbology for the blessing of marriage...but perhaps it's the best to go simple. Thanks for starting this stitchalong...I need to get my grid done still!
    linda from

  3. Yay for the wedding anniversary! The rings are a great addition to the grid.
    alicia in Hawaii

  4. Hi Amy! What a beautiful post, and a beautiful square! Happy Anniversary to you both! ~tina

  5. Happy Anniversary and many, many, many more. A very pretty square added to your cloth.

  6. Happy belated Anniversary! Sweet post. Mica/The Sowing Box

  7. Love this! I have been trying to think what I would do to reflect my marriage. Great idea.

  8. Happy Anniversary :) I love your squares so far! I was thinking of a marriage one for my blocks to. Hubby and I will be married 12 years this June and I think I'm going to have to do the 2 rings as well as I can't think of any other way to symbolize it so perfectly *grin*. I finished my first block today. Hooray, only 99 more to go LOL.

  9. Dear Amy,
    i have created a separate blog for the counting blessing project,as i too thught that its a better to have swparate blog for the project.
    please add my this blog to the stitch along .i am done with my 2 sqrs .will be posting will photos tomorrow.
    my new blog is creativeindulzenz's blessings.
    thnax for adding my new blog in advance .
    please let me know so that i can post there .